Nestled in the valley of the Epine mountain, Lake Aiguebelette is the 7th natural lake in France by its size. Protected by the surrounding terrain, it is distinguished by its absence of wind and its calm waters. It welcomes you in a green setting conducive to swimming, healing and the practice of sports and leisure in the countryside.

Located at an altitude of 360m, Lake Aiguebelette is, as Henry Bordeaux wrote, an "perle d'émeraude enchâssé dans un écrin de montagnes".

A network of 150 km of marked tracks criss-crosses the surroundings of Lake Aiguebelette and allows the practice of mountain biking. Cycling enthusiasts will appreciate the partially arranged bike path around the lake.

For hiking enthusiasts, the old Sardinian and Roman routes will take you to the Saint Michel and Crucifix passes. A course marked by panoramas on Chambéry, the south of Lake Bourget, the Bauges and Aiguebelette.

The local heritage is not to be outdone, proof is the villas that rise on its banks and the boat garages, a unique heritage in the French Alps. Finally, the Maison du Lac will make you discover all the riches of the lake and its surroundings

Office du tourisme du Pays du Lac d'Aiguebelette
570, route d'Aiguebelette
73470 NANCES
04 79 36 00 02

Maison du Lac d'Aiguebelette
572, route d'Aiguebelette
73470 NANCES
04 79 44 34 45


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